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May 1- May 7, 2021- Phantom Hogs Scavenger Hunt

That's right! Finally a way to get rewarded for all the photos of weird stuff you see while running! Will you be the only one to find a Birthday Cake flavored Gu wrapper to get the automatic win? Will you be able to find page 63 of any random discarded book to win the coveted "Basically just finished the Barkley" award? Will anyone "strike gold" by locating a roadside bottle of urine? -That's gross, don't touch that. 

The Rules:

1. All items must be found and photographed. Items which belong to contestants will not be counted. If it doesn't look like it's spent some real time outside, don't even bother submitting it.

2. Bonus points will be awarded for photos proving that you actually picked up any trash items you found and properly disposed of them. (1 bonus point per item)

3. All items must be located and photographed between 12:00:00 AM on May 1 and 11:59:59 PM on May 7th. The full list of items and their point values will be published shortly before the start date to ensure there is no advanced scouting.

4. All runs must be in Strava and have "Phantom Hogs Scavenger Hunt" in the title for any found items to count toward the results.

5. The winner of this contest will get an actual, real life, tangible prize.  None of that Strava virtual badge bullshit. We're bigtime now.


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