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So you want to rep the Hogs?! Sick. Click the link below.

Take me to that sweet, sweet merch, baby!

Merch FAQs

Q. What about sizing?

A. Yes


Q. Do you ship to Lichtenstein?

A. Probably


Q. How many color options do you offer for your fanny packs? I refuse to purchase from any e-tailor offering fewer than 9 fanny pack color options.

A. Calm down weirdo. There are like, 25.


Q. How many of your fanny pack color options are a shade of pink? 

A. I don't know you creep. At least 3.


Q. I have a very serious allergy to cool shit. Do you offer any super lame products I might be interested in?

A. We only offer one slightly lame product, but you would be risking cross-contamination from all of our other seriously cool offerings if you were to purchase it. We would recommend that you do your shopping with one of the other, less cool internet-based fake motorcycle gangs for your own safety. 


Q. Will you be launching more designs in the future?

A. Definitely


Q. So is it fair to say that I should check back here often if I want to rock the latest fashions from Phantom Hogs MC?

A. So fair.


Q. Will wearing Phantom Hogs gear make me more intelligent, fit, fast, attractive, or awesome in any way?

A. Definitely not. However, wearing Phantom Hogs gear will highlight how intelligent, fit, fast, attractive and awesome you already are.

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